Rivaj uk liquid lipsticks

Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to be talking about a brand that is not known internationally, but is a favorite among Pakistani girls. The brand is called “Rivaj uk” and is available at all leading stores across Pakistan.

A few months back, with the liquid lipstick craze all over the internet, I also wanted to try out this thing called liquid lipstick. I heard someone talking about these Rivaj uk liquid lipsticks, that they were extremely affordable and good quality. I decided to give them a try and initially I was in love with the color range. The pinks, reds,browns looked so appealing.

L-R [ 01 , 06 , 12 , 18]
Shade 01:


Shade 18:


Shade 06:


Shade 12:



The packaging is not so fancy but pretty decent. It comes with a doe-foot applicator. They come with the liquid lipstick on one side and a clear transparent lip gloss on the other side.


They formula of these liquid lipsticks are really good. They are not overly drying, they are a little bit, but that’s the case with almost every liquid lipstick out there. They are pretty comfortable on my lips but someone with dry lips should first use a lip balm before applying them. They last for about 4-5 hours which is pretty good for a $2 liquid lipstick tbh. They won’t stay put if you are eating. You have to re- apply them after eating because they do fade away. I don’t really mind re-applying as they are pretty cheap.

They do not crumble or settle into your lips except for the shade 06. This shade in particular is very patchy and you have to put layers and layers of it to show them which is quite sad because it is a stunning color.

Overall experience:

I love these liquid lipsticks!! They are so affordable and good quality. They don’t have the most amazing quality and I don’t except them to be as they are only PKR 250 or $2. They are awesome for someone who does not want to splurge too much on a lip product.

Cost & Availability:

They are available at all leading stores across Pakitan and retail for PKR 250. You can also order online through their website.



-Nice color range

-Not overly drying

-Lasts 4-5 hours


-Packaging not so fancy

-Some shades are patchy.

-Have to re-apply after eating

Thank you for your precious time!
Stay glamorous!🙂
xoxo, PrettyandBlingy
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  1. sara says:

    lovely and really beautiful , i am using since many years but some times i don’t find the same colour in the shop i am living in RWP Bahriya town i have found your outlet in Rain bow store Bahriya town phase 8 but some colours are missing 10 ,9, all light pink shaded as well as i have required in rose red thanks ,and its long lasting affordable


    1. Maybe check centaurus for more variety 🙂


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