Leibster Award-Discover New Blogs!


Hey Guys!!

Today, I am going to do the ‘Leibster Award’ and I want to thank dressthatmess for nominating me 🙂 I really appreciate the humble gesture, and I would really like if you guys would go check out her blog and show some love!

The Leibster award is a virtual award given among the new bloggers to appreciate and encourage their efforts, leading to a healthy and prosperous bloggers community.

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and Link them back.
  • Answer all the 11 Questions.
  • Nominate Other 5-11 Bloggers.
  • Tell them they’ve been nominated.
  • Give them their own set of 11 Questions to be answered
  • Show off this award on your blog using an image widget.


1. Where do u reside currently and from where you belong?

I am a Pakistani, born and raised in Lahore.

2. What was the idea behind your first ever post?

I wanted to share with everyone, an amazing highlighter that I had just discovered and was in love.

3. Who inspired you to begin your own blog?

I was always into the beauty community, watching youtube videos and reading blogs. But it was my sister, who encouraged me to start a blog and taught me all about wordpress.

4. What do you enjoy most ?

I enjoy watching TV shows, besides makeup.

5. Your ideology of life?

Live and let live.

6. Your most used and least used cosmetic product?

My most used product would be my maybelline colossal volume express mascara, as it my go to staple to college. The least used would be eye-shadows, because I do not really use eye-shadows on a day to day basis.

7. What are your thoughts about makeup? Beauty for you…..?

Makeup for me is all about fun! I do not use makeup to look pretty or hide my insecurities, but to enjoy it and to be creative with it. ‘There are no rules in makeup’ as Jaclyn Hill says, try out new things and different methods. You do not always have to follow what others say, create your own thing!

8. How do you feel about other new bloggers? What will you suggest so as to run a successful blog?

I think their are so many girls out there doing an amazing job in beauty blogging and defitinely should be appreciated. To have a successful blog, I think you should be consistent with your posts and keep the content attractive.

9. Experimental or classic makeup?

Experimental, as I said one should always try out different techniques and looks.

10. Why do you blog?

I love to share my experiences with all the other amazing girls out there. I am always in search for affordable yet amazing quality products to share them with you guys and the beauty community is my happy place 🙂

11. Where do you see your blog after 5 years?

Nobody knows what the future beholds, so I like to focus on the present rather than thinking about the future.

I would like to nominate the following bloggers:

– whataqsathinks


Gul-e-Zehra’s Blog


Aimen Atiq Rehman

My Questions for Nominees

1.Where do reside currently?

2.Why did you start blogging?

3.What is the one makeup product who cannot live without?

4.Who are your favorite beauty gurus and why?

5.What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand?

6.Who inspired you to begin your own blog?

7.What is your current favorite foundation?

8.Which makeup item do you regret buying?

9.What is the most expensive makeup item you have?

10.Liquid Lipstick or Lip Gloss?

11.What was the idea behind your first ever post?

Thank you for your precious time!
Stay beautiful! 🙂
xoxo, PrettyandBlingy
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