NYC Liquid Eyeliner-Drugstore Gem


I must say, the struggle to find a good affordable eyeliner is real! I have super oily eyelids, so eyeliners don’t really last long on my lids. I tried the Maybelline master precise eyeliner, but it did not have the pigmentation I was looking for nor did it stay put on my lids throughout the day.


I did my research, and I came across the NYC liquid eyeliner.I have had it for a long time so the writings have been rubbed off.  It has a very fine brush which makes it easy do you your perfect winged eyeliner. Personally, I am not so good at doing a perfect winged eyeliner, but this one just makes the job a lot easier as it has a very precise with a very thin brush tip.


It is very intense black and dries on to a matte finish. Its also stays put on my oily eyelids for a good 6-7 hours, but it does fade a bit on the outer corner of the eyes. It is not very thick nor runny, just nice and fluidly. I have had it for more than six months now and it has not dried out.

I do have to put on two coats, to make it intense but I don’t really mind as it is extremely affordable i.e $3.

Overall, I absolutely love this eyeliner!! It is so affordable yet has amazing quality and is so much better than other drugstore eyeliners I have tried.


-Extremely Affordable

-Dries on matte (which I love)


-Precise tip

-Does not dry out quickly


-It is not waterproof

-Fades a little in the outer corner

Cost & Availability:

It costs approximately $3. It is not available in Pakistan but you can get it online.

Ratings: 9/10

Thank you for your precious time!
Stay classsy!🙂
xoxo, PrettyandBlingy
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