ST.Ives Scrubs! Battle of the Best.


I am personally a skin care hoarder and love trying out different scrubs, masks, moisturizer and stuff like that. My favorite thing in skincare are scrubs because who doesn’t love the feeling of a smooth and soft skin that we get after exfoliating. Moreover, it’s also one of the most essential step before doing your makeup.

My favorite brand in scrubs is no doubt ST’Ives! I have tried almost all of their scrubs so today I will be talking about each of them.

St’ives Apricot Scrub:


This is the most famous St’ives that every other person raves about, and why not because it surely is amazing. It makes your skin so soft and smooth like no other scrub.It is a bit harsh though,I have oily skin type and my skin isn’t sensitive so I personally love it but someone with a sensitive skin might not like it as it can be harsh. Other than that it smells really nice.

ST’Ives Green Tea Scrub:


It is a very mild (moderate) scrub and has little exfoliating particles in it, which is suitable for someone with a sensitive skin. It also makes your skin soft but doesn’t really removes your blackheads as it claims to.It also smells very fresh which I like.

ST’Ives Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub:


It’s quite similar to the Green Scrub but it’s more thick and creamier than that. It smells really nice and fruity. It also does the job of cleaning your pores and making your skin soft, bright and even.

ST’Ives Oatmeal Scrub+Mask:


It’s the most gentle scrub of all. It has tiny orange beads in it but it didn’t really impress me that much. It didn’t make my skin softer as the rest of them do and it does dry out your skin a little bit when used as a mask so beware!

The Winner for ME

So for me the best of them is definitely the Apricot Scrub because it just makes my skin so much more clean and soft, but it also depends on your skin type and Pink Lemon and Orange Mandarin would be really good for dry/sensitive skin as it a mild scrub and much more creamier!

Cost & Availability:

It is available at almost all departmental stores across Pakistan. It costs around $4 and PKR 350 in Pakitan. So try these and lemme know your favorite! 😉


Thank you for your precious time!
Stay glamorous! 🙂
xoxo, PrettyandBlingy
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