Hello Pretty Lady!

Freeman is an amazing skincare brand which has a wide range of masks and scrubs. I have almost all of there masks except for one or two maybe and they are all good. But this specifically stands out to me as I have a very oily skin type and it absorbs the oil very well!

It’s a clay mask and mostly clay masks are really good for oily skin as they tend to remove the excess oil. But what I like about this particular mask is that it does not overly dry my skin, in fact makes it smooth. It also does the job of deep cleansing, pore purification and absorption of the excess oil. Especially for a place like Pakistan, where it is extremely humid in the summers, it helps keep your face oil-free.

mask edit
Clay Mask

It smells really nice, nothing too strong. I won’t recommend it for dry skin as it can make it even more dry. But for all the oily girls out there, this is a great mask peculiarly if you are looking for something which is not too heavy on the pocket.


-Really deep cleanse the pores

-Removes excess oil

-Smells great

-Budget friendly

-Does not dry the skin


-Takes a little effort to take it off

Cost and Availability

It is easily available across all leading departmental stores in Pakistan. It costs around $4 and about PKR 350 in Pakistani currency.


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Thank you for your precious time!

Stay Pretty😉

xoxo, PrettyandBlingy


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